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il corsaro della luce
Rumi Alessandro

The passion for photography starts in 1986 when dad let me borrow his Minolta x700 and together we went to buy the new camera roll. Without great technique, without pretensions, but with a lot of love and passion, Sunday was rigorously dedicated to the development in black and white, from the camera roll to the print, navigating between acids, red lights, cut cardboard (the famous masks that today we find in many software), barrels and cards of various sizes.

Time passes and I get a wonderful Rollei 35S from my brother, at 14 I always admired it from afar, its design, its finishes have always intrigued me seeing it as the object of desire. When it got to my hands I didn't use it for a long time, afraid of breaking or scratching it, then fortunately, the fear disappeared letting space to the enjoyment of having in my hands that small object considered "magical" in my imagination.

At the age of 16 passions change although always remaining in the art field, from music to oriental art, cultivating and creating Bonsai, these passages, even though casual, have always made me reflect on the concept of "Body, Soul and Spirit”, the way you can transfer those concepts into that piece of developed paper.

Thus we arrive at my 35 years, first digital SLR camera, never understood, always hated, in 3 years maybe 200 shots. However that seed planted inside me had created a hard tree to cut down, it was just waiting to bear fruit, so one day I took that small big step, I changed my reflex with another instrument much more familiar to me but more modern, it perfectly fit in my hand and I immediately resumed my old passion, photography.

Extensively browsing in search of my genre, I accidentally landed on the "urbex" island, where I found fertile ground to cultivate my passion, after a search of almost 3 years I managed to understand what I wanted from these shots and above all what I wanted to convey.
Study, rehearsals, hours on my laptop, led me to the creation of my personal Mood that you can admire in my works.

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