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What are cookies and how they are used

Cookies are short strings of text that are sent by the site server to the user/visitor's browser and automatically saved on their computer.
The main purpose of these cookies is to make site navigation more usable. For this reason it is advisable to configure your browser to accept them.
Almost all Browsers are set up to accept them, the user/visitor can arbitrarily change their Browser settings and block them (opt-out). If you block cookies, the use of the fotoemotiva.it website may be limited or impossible.
Cookies are distinguished in:
• "session", i.e. those cookies that are deleted at the end of the session, when the Browser is closed.
• "persistent", i.e. those cookies stored on your computer's hard drive until they expire. The latter allow the recognition of visitors who access the site and are mainly used to facilitate navigation, to monitor the website and for promotional purposes.
Cookies can be set and managed by the site visitors, we speak of "first-party" cookies, or by managers unrelated to the site, "third-party".
The latter are distinguished in:
• Analitycs, necessary for the collection and analysis of statistical data on the site.
• Widgets, used to facilitate user interaction with the program.
• Advertisements, used to advertise within the site.
• Web beacons, allow the collection of data and information through the request for a graphic image
In relation to advertising messages fotoemotiva.it does NOT use cookies generated by other sites to deliver advertising formats. These cookies can always be deactivated (opt-out) even when they are anonymous, i.e. they do not collect personal information that can lead to the identification of the user (eg IP address).

How to delete cookies
The user can change the browser's security settings in order to accept/reject them or to receive a warning whenever one is offered.

List of cookies present on fotoemotiva.it

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